Brief Review of the Lucky Clucks Slot Machine

Lucky pgslotauto Clucks, a farm-themed slot, was developed by the creative minds of Crazy Tooth Studio to satisfy players’ desires for a ‘frenzy of feathers. Chickens in Lucky Clucks lay eggs that can hatch into multipliers or wilds to possibly power winnings, a mechanic that Crazy Tooth has termed the Big BuildUp. The game also has a large number of other animals. It’s classic Crazy Tooth, so come on in and toss in some grain to feed the Mother Hen Prize or land some hay bales to activate the Raise the Roof Free Games.

It’s hard to predict what’ll happen when a Crazy Tooth game is released, so consider this your fair warning. Although visually unimpressive, Lucky Clucks may find fans among those who like to “go where CT leads” due to its unique qualities. Depending on your perspective, you may find the visuals to be either low quality or badly created or charming. Is Lucky Clucks a dated game because of its lackluster budget? Given that the manufacturer’s promotional materials make no reference to the product being vintage or dated, it appears that the latter description is more accurate. But well, I guess it’s true what they say about beauty.

When not expanded, Lucky Clucks’s game grid features 5 reels in a 3x4x3x3 layout. Because of its Any Adjacent Pays feature, players can win when three or more identical symbols appear on any two consecutive reels. Pays are not restricted to the leftmost reel. There is a wide range of theoretical returns (RTPs), with 96.19% being the most, but the volatility is significant throughout the board. Bets may be placed anywhere from 15 p/c to £/€15 every spin, making this corn-fed action accessible on any gadget.

There are eleven standard payouts, corn symbols, a wild, a scatter, and a flock of hens, all of which contribute to the farming-themed paytable. Symbols for regular payouts include the J through A playing card values, the three horseshoe tiles, the pig, goat, sheep, and cow. Animal premiums are all worth 0.73x the wager for a five-of-a-kind winning combination, therefore there is minimal difference in symbol value, which is rather modest. The wild star appears on any reel and replaces other symbols to create winning combinations. It is unclear what values are generated when wilds combine with other elements.

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The Raise The Roof Bonus is a new feature, and the BIG BuildUp function from Banana Drop is returned in Crazy Tooth.


The base game has a random occurrence of chicken symbols. When they land, they boost the value shown above the four outer reels, which might be a multiplier for wins or an additional amount of wilds. In addition, the Mother Hen Prize pot shown above the center reel can grow when corn symbols appear there.

The BIG BuildUp function can award the Mother Hen Prize, Wild Symbols, or multipliers that have been saved at any time during the main game play. The reel can expand by one spot for each wild symbol that has been granted. When granted at the same time as the Mother Hen Prize, the multipliers only apply to that amount. In the case of standalone multipliers, they are added to victories obtained by any legal means.

Incentives for a Roof-Over

The Raise the Roof Bonus and 5, 7, or 9 free spins are triggered, accordingly, when 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols appear. One or more hens may land on a free spin to reward wild symbols. For the length of the bonus, each wild symbol that is rewarded will occupy an extra slot on the reel it appears on. Each time you spin the reels, the wild symbols will shift down the board by one spot. There is no way to reactivate Raise the Roof.

The Results of the Slot Machines

At first, I thought, “Oh no, here we go again with another crazy album from Crazy Tooth” when I heard about Lucky Clucks. It’s true that Lucky Clucks is a strange game; much like the rest of Crazy Tooth’s output, it takes some getting used to. To provide an example, in an entertainment business that is stumbling over itself to be larger, brighter, and more inventive, there are few studios that compare to these people. Some may like how independently minded Crazy Tooth appears to be in the iGaming industry, ignoring current trends and fads in favor of pursuing its own goals.

After a while, we began to develop a tiny fondness for Lucky Clucks. It’s not exactly a wonderful game, but it may be interesting to those who enjoy games with a touch of anachronistic weirdness. The features aren’t terrible; the BIG BuildUp rewards are sprinkled liberally throughout the main game. Less frequently than in a game like Hotline 2, the Raise the Roof free spins feature occurred. Although the animations in Lucky Clucks are smooth, the game’s low symbol values and therefore low maximum payout of 2,289x the stake are likely to turn off players. Lucky Clucks has been labeled as a very unpredictable slot machine, but it seems like it might appeal to gamers who want consistently triggering features with little rewards.

Maybe there’s a tiny nook somewhere that’s just right for a family of Lucky Clucks to set up housekeeping. Lucky Clucks is a good option if you care more about retro aesthetics, cute animals, and sarcastic humor than you do about winning large. There’s a passable game buried here somewhere for the appropriate player, but as is usually the case, Crazy Tooth demands you put in a lot of effort to unearth it.






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